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Travis Lampley

for Juvenile Court Judge

Experience When it Matters Most

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Why I am Running

I believe our community needs a Juvenile Court Judge that has a strong focus on habilitation and rehabilitation of the youth, with attempted preservation of the family unit.

Citizens of Rutherford County deserve a Juvenile Court Judge that will be firm, fair, and have compassion for the youth and families that are on the Court’s dockets.

The local Bar Association and the families on the Court’s dockets need a Judge that will restructure the dockets to more effectively move cases along in an effort to bring permanency to the children.

The next Juvenile Court Judge should have relevant experience and an understanding of best practices in our Juvenile Court.  This is not the time to learn on the job.

Our community deserves a Juvenile Court Judge that will explore all avenues with community agencies to bring available resources to the youth and families in Rutherford County. 

I believe the citizens deserve a Juvenile Court Judge that will take all available steps to rebuild the community’s trust.  

Currently, I handle the Juvenile Court caseload as well as the adult docket as an Assistant District Attorney.  I have first hand experience that an effective Juvenile Court Judge and Juvenile Court system can drastically change a child’s future with the right levels of rehabilitation efforts, compassion and holding them accountable when appropriate to protect the community and the youth themselves.

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Thank you for your interest in Travis Lampley’s campaign to be your next Juvenile Court Judge. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

Rutherford County, Tennessee


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